Karaoke Jukebox Hire - Melbourne

WOW Party Hire in Melbourne Has All the Equipment You Need to Entertain Everyone at Your Next Event

There's nothing quite like an evening of karaoke with your friends or coworkers. Everyone loves belting their own renditions of the classics. Unfortunately, a night out to do karaoke can have a lot of hang ups – long waits, crowded bars, overpriced drinks, expensive room rentals – why not enjoy karaoke in your home, your office, or at your next party instead? WOW Party Hire, offering one of the most respected services for karaoke hire in Melbourne, is here to do just that!

Let WOW Help You with a Karaoke or Jukebox Hire in Melbourne

WOW Party Hire offers some of the most comprehensive karaoke and jukebox hire in Melbourne, and offers many different services to make sure all the equipment you could hope for will be available for you and all your guests to enjoy. Our experts are available not only to provide these top quality pieces of equipment for your event, we will also deliver, help set up, and retrieve them for you, all according to your schedule and the demands of your party and venue. Are you trying to turn your office into a dance floor? We'll make sure everything sounds perfect for your karaoke hire in Melbourne. Renting out a space for community event or a wedding? We can retrieve the equipment that night if need be.

WOW Party Hire Offers Top Quality, Professional Products at the Best Prices

You may think you can't get your karaoke or jukebox fix without heading out for a night on the town. Not so! Our machines are impeccably serviced and maintained. An important part of that maintenance is keeping them as up to date as possible. We strive to deliver the highest quality and most current song lists to your event for the enjoyment of you and your guests. That high level of maintenance is something we pride our equipment and ourselves on and we promise to deliver the most reliable equipment, karaoke or jukebox, in Melbourne. Our long history and many repeat customers are a testament to these standards.

In addition, in order to deliver the full karaoke or jukebox in Melbourne experience to you and your guest, our karaoke machine has a separate, standalone monitor to display song lyrics for whoever is singing. We also always send our karaoke machines with two microphones, perfect for duets. Our party professionals will help you organise and set up all this equipment upon delivery.

And don't fret over our prices! Even with the high standards we keep for the quality and maintenance of our products, we are committed to offering competitive pricing that includes our guarantee to deliver and set up. With our prices you'll be able to entertain as many guests as you would like for a fraction of what you would pay for a night out. Our wide range of equipment means we can offer bundles for entertainment products, keeping your costs as low as possible while providing the most fun with your karaoke or jukebox hire in Melbourne.