Wedding Photo Booth (Hire) - Melbourne

Why You Should Hire a Photo Booth for Your Wedding in Melbourne

The engagement is official, the ring is on the bride's finger and ‘Save the Date' cards or official wedding invitations are going in the mail. You've secured a wedding venue, built a guest list and started thinking about food, drink and entertainment. You're trying to think of a way to add a fun twist to your wedding, beyond simple music and dancing that will keep your guests entertained once dinner has been eaten, and the toasts have been given.

At WOW Party Hire, we have the perfect solution to make your wedding even more fun and memorable: a photo booth. We have been helping clients in Melbourne plan weddings and other unforgettable parties for over a decade now. In that time, we have begun offering wedding photo booths in Melbourne, and we have been bowled over at their popularity. Engaged couples, especially younger ones, love to offer their friends and family this extra piece of entertainment, and guests love to take advantage of the opportunity.

But why are photo booths so popular these days? Why is wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne one of our biggest services at WOW Party Hire? Read on to learn why you should hire a photo booth for your wedding!

Wedding Favours: Taken Care Of

One thing that many brides and grooms simply forget about is the wedding favour. It is traditional, of course, for guests to bring gifts for the new married couple, as wish them well in their new life together. However, it is also traditional for the married couple to regale their guests with wedding favours, small gifts that serve to say ‘thank you for coming to our wedding and joining us on our special day.'

Typically, wedding favours are not expensive items. In fact, it's common nowadays for the bride and groom to make the wedding favours, as part of an extended arts and crafts project before the wedding. However, considering how much planning goes into a wedding, it makes sense that there is not always time for such projects.

Hiring a few wedding photo booths in Melbourne is the perfect way to solve the wedding favour conundrum. Guests can go into the booth, use the provided costumes and props and take funny pictures with their friends or family. Once the photos are taken, the photo booth operator prints them out and gives them to your guests. Just like that, your guests have wedding favours that they can use to remember your special day for years to come!

Keep Your Guests Entertained with Wedding Photo Booths in Melbourne

Another great thing about photo booth hires at weddings is that they give your guests something to do. Of course, the dance floor is inevitably already rocking by the time guests are making much use of the photo booth, but not all of your guests will be comfortable with sporting their moves to the latest pop hits. In that case, a photo booth can provide a fun alternative means of amusement.

Interested in renting a few photo booths for your Melbourne wedding? Contact WOW Party Hire, or visit our website to get a pricing quote!