Slushie Machine Hire - Melbourne

WOW Party Hire Provides Slushie Machine Hire in Melbourne

Want to add a bit of flavour and style to that party you are planning? Whether your event is a kid's birthday party or a work function where you want to serve adult beverages, a slushie machine is the way to truly set your event apart from every other party.

If you are looking for a place to rent a slushie machine in Melbourne, contact WOW Party Hire. We have been in operation for 11 years now, primarily doing business—as our name suggests—with party planners looking for musical entertainment. However, we also now have slushie machines in our wheelhouse, and are excited to offer you this new way of livening up your parties!

Of course, we have the same commitment to quality when it comes to slushie hire in Melbourne that we've always had to jukebox and karaoke machine rentals. We have always prided ourselves on providing our customers with only the highest quality, most reliable and most up-to-date equipment.

For years, that has meant carrying jukeboxes and karaoke machines with extensive song selections, including recent hits. Now, it also means providing slushie machines that operate well, in addition to extensive frozen drink recipes to appease a wide range of tastes.

What You Get with WOW's Slushie Hire in Melbourne

When you work with WOW Party Hire for slushie hire in Melbourne, you get more than just the raw equipment.

First and foremost, you obviously get the slushie machine itself. These machines go on top of a table and mix the drinks you decide that you want. Of course, you will also have to choose your desired drinks from our cocktail menu, an extensive list of frozen cocktail beverages available for viewing on our website. If the gathering is a kids' party, our machines can of course be used for completely non-alcoholic slushies made of fruit juice and soda.

In either case, the slushie machines you hire from WOW Party Hire will deliver the perfect drink mix every time. We will provide the ingredients necessary to make the drinks on our menu, and our machines will do the rest of the work. All you or your guests have to do is push a button or pull a lever, and you'll have a cup full of a delicious frozen beverage. That's how easy slushie hire is in Melbourne!

Bundles for Extra Value

In addition to offering standalone slushie machine hire in Melbourne, WOW Party Hire also has a number of party bundles that can give you some extra value. For instance, we have combo packages that will give you a slushie machine as well as a jukebox unit, a karaoke machine or even a photo booth. Quite simply, we know that parties aren't just built on frozen drinks, but on experiences with a number of fun attractions and entertainment options. We want to give you several of our high-quality machines for competitive and affordable rates, so that you have the best party possible.

Best of all, we offer free delivery of all machines to anywhere in the Melbourne area. So contact us today, pick out the machines you want and get a pricing quote. We at WOW Party Hire can't wait to help you plan a party you will never forget!