Slurpee Machine (Hire) - Melbourne

Slurpee Machine Hire in Melbourne: Get Frozen Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beverages from WOW Party Hire

If you are planning a party in Melbourne—be it a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate Christmas celebration or some other gathering with a large number of people—chances are that your first concerns for the night are food and beverages. For the latter category of consideration, you could easily just serve wine, beer and soft drinks and have a happy crowd. But why not try to spice things up and think outside the box a little? Why not contact WOW Party Hire and rent a Slurpee machine in Melbourne?

Fruity frozen drinks can be a great way to set your party apart from other celebratory events. Say you are doing a summertime island theme for your party, and you want to put together a drink menu that meshes well with the theme. Seeking out WOW Party Hire for our Slurpee machine hire service in Melbourne is the perfect solution! From Caribbean pina coladas to strawberry daiquiris, nothing says ‘summer island theme' like delicious frozen cocktails, and the Slurpee machines from WOW are specifically meant for making batches of alcoholic beverages with an icy twist.

Drink Recipes Available

At WOW Party Hire, we know how to get the party started. Need proof? Check out the list of cocktail recipes that will go great with your Slurpee machine hire in Melbourne. From a Sex on the Beach to a Cosmopolitan, from a Black Russian to a Blue Hawaiian, we have festive frozen drink options for every palate. Check out our full menu online, right here.

Best of all, our Slurpee hires in Melbourne are not just about alcoholic beverages. On the contrary, if you are planning a birthday party for your kids, and want to have frozen drinks on the menu, WOW Party Hire is still the company to provide you with the necessary Slurpee machine. We can make virgin versions of any drink on our recipe list, and we guarantee that your kids and their friends will love the fruity, icy beverages we make for them.

Look to WOW Party Hire for Slurpee Hire in Melbourne

If you are interested in renting a Slurpee machine in Melbourne for your next party or event, we hope that you will contact us at WOW Party Hire today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our machines and the drinks we make.

For instance, if you don't see your favourite frozen cocktail on our recipe list, we invite you to ask us about it. Even if it isn't one of our most popular recipe choices, there's a chance we can accommodate your tastes and make your favourite drink!

In our 11 years of operation, WOW Party Hire has become known around the Melbourne area not just for our superior equipment and the memorable parties it helps create, but also for our high-quality customer service. We want you to experience that high-quality service, which is why we are willing and excited to help you make whichever frozen drinks you want most!