Photobooths (Hire) - Melbourne

WOW Party Hire Provides Photobooths and Other Party Attractions in Melbourne

For 16 years, WOW Party Hire in Melbourne has been helping to make parties and events more fun with all manner of equipment. From karaoke machines that are stocked with lengthy song selections, to cocktail machines that offer a wide range of recipes, our equipment can be used to put a fun and memorable twist on virtually any type of celebratory gathering.

WOW Party Hire also offers photobooth hire in Melbourne. We may be known for the ‘Jukebox & Karaoke' that appears in our business name, but our photobooths are every bit as fun as our karaoke machines. Whether you want to remember a special night with a loved one, or take a series of riotously funny photos with friends, a photobooth hire is the right choice for you and your gathering.

Why Hire a Photobooth for Your Melbourne Event

Now that you know that WOW Party Hire offers photobooths in Melbourne, you may be weighing your options and wondering why you should rent a photobooth for your event. Is it worth the extra money you will pay for it? Will your guests use it? What kind of experience would it bring to your event that would otherwise be absent?

The biggest charm of a photobooth is that it allows you to document the people on your guest list. If you are the host of a big party with a lot of guests, it can be difficult to even see everyone, let alone share memorable experiences with them. There are simply too many people and not enough time to get around your venue and have a conversation with everyone.

So, since you can't document all of your guests by making memories with them, photos are the next best thing. Even at weddings, though, where photographers are moving around the room and taking pictures of family and friends, not everyone makes it into one of the shots. After all, the photographers are focusing (rightfully) on the bride and groom.

A photobooth hire in Melbourne is a good solution to both of these conundrums. With a photobooth, you automatically encourage your guests to mingle and have a bit of fun, crazy and spontaneous fun (all behind the curtain, of course). It's a fun treat for friends and family, and an easy way to get them engaged in the party in a different way than dinner and drinks would normally accomplish.

Not only does a photobooth inspire these fun activities, but it also documents them. With a photobooth, you end up with memorable pictures of many guests that you might have missed on the actual night of the party. Your guests also get print-outs of the photos—a nice souvenir or memento of what was, hopefully, a memorable night for them.

Hire Photobooths in Melbourne Today

Many party planners focus first and foremost on the food, the drinks and the music—and for good reason: all of those elements are incredibly important. In addition to these things, though, why not consider renting a few photobooths for your next Melbourne event. Who knows: it could help tie the whole party together!

Interested in a Melbourne photobooth hire from WOW Party Hire? Contact us today, or check out our website.