Cocktail Machine Hire - Melbourne

Add Zest to Your Party with a Cocktail Machine Hire in Melbourne

Hosting a party in Melbourne may prove to be stressful for a host who doesn't have all the trimmings. WOW Party Hire, a local business operating for 11 years in the area, will help you put on a party your guests will always remember. With a cocktail machine hire, you can mix together dozens of drinks using our state-of-the-art frozen cocktail machine. Two cocktail base mixes will provide 130 x 200 ml cocktail drinks ranging from daiquiris, Sex on the Beach and more.

Partnered with a jukebox and karaoke machine, a cocktail machine hire will prove popular at your Melbourne party. Imagine throwing a tropical-themed bash complete with daiquiris or Tequila Sunrises. With a reliable cocktail machine, you can mix dozens of drinks and get in the mood before performing some karaoke. At WOW Party Hire, we make sure everyone has a fun time at a party.

Take Advantage of Free Delivery to Melbourne

A cocktail machine hire in Melbourne for your party is reasonable with WOW Party Hire. We provide free delivery to your party in Melbourne so you don't have to worry about shipping rates. You can hire great packages with jukeboxes and karaoke units, along with photo booths. A cocktail hire adds something new and fun to a party that many other celebrations cannot offer. WOW Party Hire is the place to go in the Melbourne area for these machines.

Make your favourite cocktail, whether it's a Summer Breeze or Blue Hawaiian, by mixing the base together and adding your alcohol. You won't believe how great it tastes — it's as though the best bartender in the world mixed it! You will have rented this cocktail machine at a more reasonable rate than other party rentals. We pride ourselves on our customer service and affordable rates so we can put some “wow” into your party.

Look Up Famous Recipes for a Cocktail Machine in Melbourne

If you are stumped as to what to make at your party with your cocktail machine hire, visit our site and check out our recommended drinks. All your favourite tropical and sweet drinks will be on the list. Don't settle for a simple daiquiri all night — pick the bases that really suit you and make a variety of interesting, tasty drinks. The cocktail hire works with several different types of base mix flavours, and any of the pairs work together to help make a wide variety of mouth-watering cocktails.

Hiring a cocktail machine with a jukebox and karaoke machine will give guests many options for fun, making your party a night they will not forget. With our reasonable rates and excellent customer service, your business relationship with WOW Party Hire will prove fruitful for your future celebrations. Whether it's a birthday party, a graduation celebration or anything else, you can rely on us to help you have a great time.