Cocktail/Slushie Machines

How long does it take to freeze? Our machines take about 45 minutes to freeze, this can vary depending on weather conditions.

Are the machines easy to use? Yes they are. On delivery, our trained staff will set up the equipment and show you how it works.

How many drinks will I get? You will receive about 65 x 200 ml drinks per bowl, meaning a twin bowl will give you about 130.

Can I get spare mixes? Yes, we automatically leave 2 x spare batches with you. They cost $25 for each one that is used. If they are not used, we simply take them back. If you require more spare batches then please let is know when booking.

Do I need power? Yes, just a standard power point is required.

Do I need to supply anything? You need a sturdy table/bench top and any alcohol that you require.

Do I have to clean the machine? No, we do all of that

Can we have non alcoholic drinks? Yes pick a flavour from the non alcohol listed flavours

Do you supply cups or strawers? Yes you will get 50 x spoon strawers and 50 x plastic 215 ml cups. Additional purchases can be made as per the prices on our prices/packages page.


What music do you have? We have a large variety of music, please check out the song list page. Please note: each jukebox varies slightly with it’s content.

Can I connect an ipod? We have such a large array of music, that you shouldn’t need to. However should you still want to we can supply an Ipod connector, just let us know.

How big are you machines? They vary but in general terms we have two different type. Portable style and machines on wheels. They are both compact and do not take up too much room. If you leave 1 x 1 metre space then that will be enough.  The portable machines are (H) 123 cm, (W) 46 cm & (D) 41 cm. The free standing machines are (H) 158 cm, (W) 69 cm & (D) 57 cm.

I just want karaoke? The karaoke operates via the jukebox, so you get both


What are the dimensions of the booths? The classic booth is (H) 200 cm, (W) 100 cm, (D) 160 cm.  The Open air booth is (H) 203 cm, (W) 68 cm & (D) 56cm - (of course you need room to stand in front of the open air & you have optional curtains that can be anywhere between 4 ft & 7 ft)

Should I have an attendant?  It's up to you.  The only advantage for not having one is cost.  It is obviously cheaper not to have one.  There are however many advantages to having one.  It gives greater personal service, guides your guests through the different options, our props are easier to manage and not lose (no bond required) and if the brightness levels change at your venue then the settings for the camera can change.

How does it work if there isn't an attendant?  When setting up, our delivery driver will show you how the photobooth works.  He will make sure all the settings are accurate.  A timer will then be placed on the machine so that it allows photo's to be taken during your chosen times.  At the end of the time, the machine wont allow any more photo's to be taken.  If you choose to have props, then a little care needs to be taken to ensure they aren't lost.

Can you go upstairs?  Yes but we do need advanced notice.

Is it hard to use?  No, it's very simple.  Anyone aged from 7 to 90 can use it.  It is operated via a touch screen.  The software will guide you through every step of the way.  We will also show you when setting up.  Of course our attendant will always help or we can be contacted on the phone if you don't have an attendant.

What are your logo's like?  Sensational.  We will consult you about ideas and take into account themes of the event.  We will come up with several designs and continue tweaking it until we get it just the way you like it.

How long does it take to print?  About 8 to 10 seconds.  

What is the quality like?  Great.  Both the printed copies and online copies come up trumps.  Of course, lighting conditions can affect the way they turn out, but we talk about that when setting up to ensure that it doesn't impact quality.  Keeping our booth out of sunlight will always ensure better photo's.


I found someone really cheap, is it too good to be true? Most likely – these are the dangers:

  1. some businesses will take your booking at the cheaper rate until booked up. They will then increase their prices and accept additional bookings. They will then cancel on you with some lame excuse.
  2. inferior machines, hard to use and pirated music. As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for!’

What is the booking process? The easiest way is to simply book online. The booking page will request all the required information. Once you have submitted this we will reply within hours confirming your booking. If you prefer the personal touch, then feel free to call 0415066487 and we will take it from there.

Is there a delivery charge? We deliver to most areas of Melbourne for free, check out our delivery map to confirm your area is covered. If it isn’t, simply check the zone that you are located in on the map. If for some reason it doesn’t simply contact us for clarification

Do you have technical support? Yes, we are always available

When do you deliver? We will contact you on the Wednesday night prior to your booking in order to organise a delivery time

When should I book? Our advice is to book once you’ve made your decision that you want to go ahead. Some dates get booked out quicker than others, so you have a better chance of securing the machine

Do I need to make a deposit or bond? Normally we don’t require a deposit. However during peak periods we may request one, we will let you know.

What are your payment terms? Payment is due on or before delivery and can be cash, cheque, credit card or a bank transfer.  Please note that credit card transactions incur a fee that is approximately 1% of the transaction value

How do I order? Simply go to our booking page and fill in the details. We will send you back a confirmation email. Of course, you can always call us on 0415066487